Current Needs as of August 2017

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about our current ministry needs!

The following are specific needs that are not currently being met by our student sponsorships. We'll update this list each month as our needs change.

Will you consider a one-time or monthly donation to meet one of these needs? Your gift will help our students continue learning how to sew so they can provide for themselves and their families.

Sponsor a teacher

We're so grateful for our dedicated sewing teachers, Professors Michel and Jean! We just need $100 more per month to make sure our talented teachers are fully sponsored. Gifts of any amount may be designed toward teacher sponsorship.

Classroom Rent

The sewing classes couldn't take place without secure classrooms. Our annual classroom rent for our Port-de-Paix sewing class is $1,000. We only need $280 more to meet this need. Gifts of any amount may be designated toward classroom rent. 

Cleaning, Supplies & Repairs

Our advanced sewing class in Port-de-Paix needs $30/month to cover the cost of a classroom cleaning person (as needed), fabric and sewing supplies (purchased in Haiti) and sewing machines repairs (as needed). Gifts of any amount may be designed toward cleaning, supplies & repairs.


New Classroom Supplies

Our Port-de-Paix students recently moved to a new, more spacious classroom. We need to purchase a mirror ($65), chalkboard ($50) and chalk ($20) for our classroom. Gifts of any amount may be designated toward new classroom supplies.