Your gifts help students like Marilia!

Meet Marilia. You can change her life.

Marilia is a student in our Mole St. Nicolas sewing program.  As a single mother with a special needs son at home, it's hard for Marilia to find and keep a job. But, that's about to change, because sewing is one of the few things she can do from home to earn a living.

When you partner with us, you're giving Marilia, and students like her, the opportunity to learn valuable job skills that can open doors to their future and change their life, their family’s lives, and their community.

What people are saying about the Haiti 323 Project...

  • I love this organization. They are doing amazing work to help the Haitians learn a trade. It is a help up not a hand out. I have personally visited the schools and I am amazed at how skilled they have become. They are focused and determined. I am so proud of the students and I am honored I was able to visit the schools of Haiti 323 Project. They still need our love and support. I will continue to sponsor as long as I can because I have seen the difference.

    — Maria Bromm
  • Words cannot stress how wonderful this organization is in helping the people of Haiti. The ability to learn a trade and make something with their lives is a constant daily struggle. Haiti 323 allows those people an avenue to make the most of an opportunity which they humbly accept and make the most of it. Looking forward to seeing the continued efforts by the Haiti 323 organization, in changing the lives of the Haitian people for many, many years to come!! And this can happen with your support.
    — Jeffrey Pierre
  • The Haiti 323 Project is changing the lives of the students and their families living in Haiti. Through the programs, Haitians are learning valuable skills that will allow them to support their families while also providing clothing and other needed items for those in their local community. My husband and I choose to support the work of the Haiti 323 Project because of the ministry's focus on equipping individuals with skills that can change a family's economic future.
    — Christy Gelback-Diaz
  • The Haiti 323 Project is changing lives in Haiti through Christ centered programs that provide a much needed hand up not a hand out. We love the concept of this ministry to change the future of entire generations by teaching and educating. We also love, trust, and admire the founder of this ministry. She is a Christian leader who had a vision and put it to work. That vision is now a reality and it is thriving and changing lives.
    — Cindy Spainhour
  • The Haiti 323 Project is literally changing Haitian lives every single day. This organization is creating jobs, equipping students and providing an opportunity for Haitians to do for themselves. It is easy to sponsor a student and you know exactly where every penny goes once you donate! I would encourage everyone to consider sponsoring a student or to faithfully donate to Haiti 323 Project!
    — Sam Moore
  • It is amazing how God is changing the lives of the students in Haiti through Haiti 323 project. Michelle is a Christian leader who had a vision and followed Christ calling for her. I have went on a mission trip with Michelle and it is awesome to witness the heart she has for Haiti.
    — Sherri Knoy Blanton

Here are several ways you can change lives in Haiti...

Sponsor a student

(Monthly or one-time)

You can give a student valuable job skills so they can provide for themselves and their families. Sponsorship starts at just $15.

Meet specific needs

You can help meet specific sewing program needs. Needs updated monthly.

Donate Sewing Supplies

Put your excess sewing supplies to good use.

Pray with us

You can join our prayer team and pray specifically for our students, staff, and ministry. 


You can help us earn extra money just by shopping on Amazon.

Thank you for making opportunity possible for students in Haiti!

The Haiti 323 Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and your gifts are tax deductible.