Our sewing students love using Singer products! Sewing machines, thread, needles, scissors - these are just some of the Singer products they regularly use in their classes. 

Unfortunately, we're down to only two working sewing machines in our Mole St. Nicolas sewing class. This class, which has 14 women attending, is making a big impact in the community. Many of our students are single mothers, and a few have children with special needs.

We recently had some professional photos and videos taken of our programs. When we looked through the photos, we noticed a number of them happen to have Singer sewing machines prominently displayed. We thought you'd like to see a video and a few pictures of your products "in action" in Haiti.

Our hardworking students would be so grateful if you would please consider donating sewing machines to our program. This will make a world of difference to our students.

Thank you for your consideration.

Mole St. Nicolas Sewing Class Promo Video


Sewing Class Photos (Showing Singer & the family from the video)