Partnerships that create opportunity.

Students in the Port-de-Paix sewing class measure fabric for a new project. Photo by Taylor Davis.

We are committed to being good stewards of God’s resources by exercising a thoughtful and cost-effective use of time, skills, and finances.

We believe that partnering with established Christian organizations in Haiti, and hiring local Haitians to teach the classes, is the best, and most cost-effective method of creating and sustaining our life-changing sewing programs.

We have two local partners: Waves of Mercy in Port-de-Paix and Northwest Haiti Christian Mission in Mole St. Nicolas.





I am quite delighted to see such a program, which is giving people the lifelong ability to earn incomes and provide for their families! This has such far-reaching impact. This, I believe, is how God wants us to care for each other!
— Kathy Molly Burns, Haiti 323 Project Supporter