The Haiti 323 Project is dedicated to teaching Haitians how to sew so they can provide for themselves and their families.

Ketline is a former student who was in our Mole St. Nicolas sewing program. Here she's displaying a skirt she made. Photo by Taylor Davis.

Do something, for someone

Our work is founded in Jesus’ call to love and serve the poor. The challenges facing Haiti are undeniably great, and the Gospel compels us to act.

We are focused on creating opportunity and investing in people – through sewing programs. And while we are not called to do everything, we are called to do something, for someone…

And that someone is our students, to whom we stand alongside and say...

You matter.
You matter to God. 
And you matter to us.
You have value and worth. Gifts and talents. 
You were made for more.
And we believe in you. 

To show how much we believe in you, we want to give you an opportunity to learn how to sew - a skill that will open doors to your future and change your life, your family’s lives, and your community.

See how you can make opportunity possible for students in Haiti. 

The Haiti 323 Project is changing the lives of the students and their families living in Haiti. Through the programs, Haitians are learning valuable skills that will allow them to support their families while also providing clothing and other needed items for those in their local community. My husband and I choose to support the work of the Haiti 323 Project because of the ministry’s focus on equipping individuals with skills that can change a family’s economic future.
— Christy Gelback-Diaz, Haiti 323 Project Supporter