Waves of Mercy is a Christian Mission that exists to introduce the fallen and brokenhearted in Port-de-Paix, Haiti to the incredible love of God...and God is ready to lavish a love upon them unlike anything they have ever known.


Larry and Diana Owen of Waves of Mercy with Michelle Smith at the International Conference on Missions.

Larry and Diana Owen, with Waves of Mercy, have been in Haiti for over 30 years and they work with the poorest of the poor in Haiti – those who have been abandoned or forgotten by society.

Their Christian Mission is straightforward – keep it simple and save one child, one mom, one soul at a time.

They teach the Word through their church services and events, feed nearly 150 children daily, and have made a home for 10 boys who otherwise would be sleeping on the streets. Their ministry is not held in by walls, as they are in and among the people daily.

Larry and Diana operate their Christian Mission, Waves of Mercy, from their residence in Port-de-Paix, Haiti. They reside in Haiti for approximately 9 months out of the year, but return to their home base in Versailles, Kentucky to visit the churches, individuals, and organizations that support their ministry.

This short 10 minute video shows how their mission began.

...Believe me if you help this program (Haiti 323 Project) you will have made a contribution that will help families for the rest of their lives. I encourage you to give to Haiti 323 Project. You are investing not only in the one learning the trade but all of their family. You will be blessed!
— Diana Owen, Waves of Mercy Founder & Missionary