Men and women are learning to sew in Northwest Haiti.

Waves of Mercy - Port-de-Paix

The new Port-de-Paix sewing students.

Our Port-de-Paix sewing program held their first graduation in April 2018. Six students successfully completed the three year program. The students started their own sewing businesses, and one student was hired as the new sewing teacher for the Mole St. Nicolas class.

On September 24, 2018, twelve new students (5 women and 7 men) started the sewing program. For the next three years, this talented group will learn how do alterations, and how to make a variety of clothes, including school uniforms.

Northwest Haiti Christian Mission - Mole St. Nicolas

Students in the Mole St. Nicolas sewing classes.

In April 2016, we began a new partnership with Northwest Haiti Christian Mission's Mole St. Nicolas campus to start a new sewing program there.

The original program lasted two years, and students learned a variety of basic and intermediate sewing techniques.

Today, there are two sewing classes at the Mole, with a total of 20 students. The classes are taught by Johnson Vilsaint, a graduate of our Port-de-Paix sewing program. The new programs will be for three years, just like the Port-de-Paix program, and students will learn everything from beginner to advanced sewing techniques.

This ministry is changing lives in our community. It’s giving ladies who are often abused/mistreated a chance to support their family and stand on their own.

It’s the only sewing class within a 3-hour walking distance. I’m grateful for the support & sacrifices made so that we can not only provide jobs but show them Jesus in a very tangible way. This class is creating disciples and a sisterhood of support!
— Jody Castillo, NWHCM