Jemima's life is changing because of you.

Jemima was a student in the Mole St. Nicolas sewing program. Photo by Taylor Davis.

When you sponsor a student like Jemima you give them an opportunity to learn the valuable job skills they need to provide for themselves and their family.

We have two monthly sponsorship options:

  • $15/month will provide 2 weeks of sponsorship

  • $30/month will provide a month of sponsorship

Your faithful support of either $15 or $30/month will provide a student with:

  • Personal sewing supplies, which they may keep after graduation

  • Sewing machines, fabric, and other equipment for the program

  • A portion of their teacher’s salary

  • A portion of their classroom rent

When you sponsor a student, we will send you a picture of a student like Jemima, who is learning to sew in either the Mole St. Nicolas or Port-de-Paix sewing programs, and provide you with updates on his or her progress. 

If you're ready to change a life, we invite you to sponsor a student today.

Have more questions? Visit the FAQ page.

Donations by mail

Prefer to write a check? If so, please make your check payable to "Haiti 323 Project," and write "Student Sponsorship" in the memo line, and mail your check to: 

PO Box 35
Sellersburg, IN 47172


Thank you for making opportunity possible for a student in Haiti!

The Haiti 323 Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and your gifts are tax deductible.