God Provides for our Trip to Haiti

When God has a plan for his people, he provides in miraculous ways.

Michelle has been planning her return to Haiti for several months. Last Wednesday, however, she learned that the people and supplies she was taking with her were too heavy for the 5-seat plane she’d booked. It would cost over $1,000 to upgrade the plane or make an extra trip, and the departure date was less than two weeks away, on September 23rd.

Less than 24-hours later, God supplied the money when the Haiti 323 Project won a $1,000 Golden Ticket in a random drawing at Give Local Louisville. We were able to arrange an extra trip to Port-de-Paix and book a 9-seat plane for the way back. Now, Michelle can leave tomorrow without a single delay. Join us in thanking God for his faithfulness, and praying for safe travels to Haiti!