Honoring Mack

Marc-Edens, affectionately called Mack, passed away on Monday, January 7. He was 6 years old, and weighed just 14lbs (and only 18lbs on a good day). He was a beloved student in Northwest Haiti Christian Mission's special needs program. I (Michelle) had the pleasure of meeting Mack and his family on my trip in April, and I will never forget this sweet little boy. He had such a hard life here on earth, and I can only imagine how happy he is today in the presence of Jesus.

Susan O'Strander, the missionary for the special needs program at the Mole St. Nicolas campus, shared this message with me. I want to share it with you, because it illustrates how the sewing programs are truly impacting their Haitian communities.

"His family did not have any clothes for him to wear for his burial because in true Haitian fashion, they wanted him in a white dress shirt and black pants. Because of his awkward tiny body, they could not find such in town. Madame Nene had the great idea to talk to Johnson. I was able to find him in his classroom and he was able to find acceptable fabric already in class. He came with me to measure Mack, and made him the most precious outfit to be buried in. I have bought clothes for Mack on many occasions, and it is never a great fit because his torso is like a 24 month old. And his waist is so tiny, but his legs are so long that he always ends up with pants that are too short, or that slip off his waist. For the first time, he has his own tailored outfit just for him. I am very thankful for your ministry and the talent it brought to our door just when we needed it."