We're a PovertyCure Global Network Partner

We're excited to announce that we are the newest member of the PovertyCure Global Network! PovertyCure facilitates the global conversation on poverty and equips its participants with resources that promote lasting, enterprise-based solutions that affirm the role of individuals and families in turning around their situations.

The PovertyCure Conversation emerges from a shared belief among its partners in 3 core values:

  1. Every human bears the image of God and should be treated with dignity.  They are their own best answer to whatever poverty they are facing – we’re just here to help remove obstacles to the release of their own ideas and potential.
  2. The solutions to poverty exists in the assets a community already has, the chiefs of which are human ingenuity and strong families.  Aid may bring necessary short term relief, but only unleashed human potential can sustain a region’s prosperity.
  3. Humans flourish most in environments where private property, free association and the free exchange of ideas and goods are sponsored by a culture of trust and protected by the rule of law.

We're pleased to join other well-known PovertyCure partners like Blood:Water, Hope International and Children's Hope Chest.