Mole St. Nicolas Fashion Show - June 2017

We held a fun fashion show on Tuesday, June 20 to showcase the awesome progress our sewing students are making. The ladies had a blast, and really got into it!

Emma Fowler, one of NWHCM's summer interns, is a dancer and she was a huge blessing in pulling this off. She picked the perfect songs and showed the ladies how to walk the runway. We held two practices, one the day before with just the ladies, and then one the day of for both the ladies and the orphan girls. Each student walked the runway with a girl who was wearing a dress that they made. The ladies just laughed and laughed during our practices.

Jody Castillo, NWHCM's Director, was our DJ and she enthusiastically announced each pair as they walked the runway. The crowd consisted of mission staff, volunteer teams, and even some of our students' family and friends.

This was our first time doing a fashion show and it was a HUGE success! The students loved it, the crowd loved it, and it was a fun way to show off all of the beautiful clothes our students have made!