Haitians Teaching Haitians

We had a special guest last week!

Johnson, a student in our Port-de-Paix sewing class, traveled 3 hours by moto to teach the ladies in our Mole St. Nicolas class how to make this purse. He had never seen or made this purse before. I just gave him a sample purse and he drew the pattern on the board, and taught the class step by step how to make it...and he did an awesome job!

Our goal is for both classes to make bags and purses like these that we can sell in Haiti and the U.S to help support the sewing programs.

By the way, Johnson needs a sponsor! Who'd like to step up and sponsor this super talented young man? https://www.haiti323project.org/sponsorship

 Another fun fact - he also made the jeans he's wearing in this pic!